Out & About w/ Mac @ Hopdoddy

This past weekend I was Out & About at The Rim enjoying John Wick 2 (which was completely awesome by the way) and decided to try out Hopdoddy Burger Bar.  I had heard great things about the burgers and man did it live up to the expectations.


Its located in The Rim next to the Palladium right across the street from Bowl n Barrel.  The Atmosphere is great for you to just walk right in after a movie or after a game or 2 of bowling.

Very Casual & Laid Back!!! The servers wear shirts that state “We Wake & Bake Everyday” (Balling Slogan) which reminds me I need one of those shirts.

The menu is reasonable and has something to offer for everyone.  A burger & fries shouldn’t cost you anymore than $15 depending on what you get.


They offer a great assortment of local beers and cocktails to get the party started but If your not much of a drinker, Maine Root is the soda on tap!!!  How can you go wrong with a good Blueberry Cream or Black Cherry Cream Soda!!!

Expect a 20-30 min wait on a Friday or Saturday night but don’t worry, samples of fries and shakes are passed around while waiting in line and you can even order a cocktail or beer to make the wait a little more comfortable.

The burger that I was advised to try and is a Hopdoddy fan favorite was the “LLANO POBLANO

Paired with some amazing Parmesan Truffle Fries w/ a Truffle Aoli!!! (I Highly Recommend Someone At Your Table Gets Some)

Last But Not Least Something Everyone Can Appreciate…  

$5 HAPPY HOUR Is Available Mon-Fri 3pm-6:30pm 








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