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25th Anniversary Of Latina Legend Selena’s Passing

March 31st, 1995 was when Selena was tragically killed. She was only 23-years-old.

When she died, Selena was just beginning her mainstream rise in popularity after being a Tejano music superstar in Mexico and Latin America.

On March 31, 1995, she was shot and killed by Yolanda Saldívar, her friend and former manager of her Selena Etc. boutiques. Saldívar was cornered by police when she attempted to flee, and threatened to kill herself, but was convinced to give herself up and was sentenced to life in prison with possible parole after 30 years.


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Found this lil clip in my phone. I miss SAN ANTONIO 🤍 before this show I had a lil moment to myself. It’s easy to reminisce on such beautiful times to try to distract from the reality we’re facing… I must say, of course I miss what I do. I miss this feeling of right before I walk to stage, being in the studio, all of it. But when I take a step back and look at the bigger picture, staying home is the right thing to do for humanity. It’s not about streams right now, or ticket sales, or fear of “losing momentum” as an artist. If there’s anyone who is worried about those things right now, please sit down with yourself and recognize that SO MANY people right now are hurting, scared, stressed, alone, and losing their lives. Honestly, why do we really do what we do? To connect. Now is the time to connect. Not sale, not force, but to CONNECT and provide the ones who want to listen to our music a healthy break from all the madness. I see many artists using their platforms to bring awareness and using their music to uplift others and it makes me so happy to see. THAT’S what it’s about. 🤍🙏🏽 We will be better at the end of this. All of us. #STAYHOME #Selena 💜

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Selena has been credited for helping redefine Latin music[231] and its subgenres of Tejano, cumbia, and Latin pop. She is considered “one of the most significant Mexican American singers of the end of the twentieth century”.

Selena was called the “Queen of Tejano music”, and was described as “the most important and popular Tejano star of all time”. Her death was “the most devastating loss” in Tejano music history. At the time of her death, Selena became one of the most widely known Mexican-American vocal artists and the most popular Latin artist in the United States, having a “cult-like” following among Hispanics.

Selena’s legacy has lived on over the last 25 years including tributes, make-up, fashion and an upcoming series on Netflix.

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