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5 Plant Care Mistakes People Are Making In Quarantine

Whether you’ve been a plant parent for years or are new to the game, showering your plants with attention while on lockdown may be harming them.

Here are the five most common mistakes people are making while spending more time at home with their plants.
1. Your plants need more water If the leaves are turning light brown, crispy, or begin to droop, you may need to pay more attention to them.
2. Your plants need less water If the leaves are turning brown or yellow, you may be giving your plants a little too much love.
3. Your pot doesn’t have drainage Make sure the cute planter you bought has a drainage hole to avoid root rot.
4. Your plant isn’t hungry anymore There’s typically no need for additional fertilizer or compost. Repotting once a year should do the trick.
5. Your plant has different light needs. It is possible for plants to get sunburned, so read up on the lighting needs of your specific plants.

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