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9 tracks you NEED on your spring break playlist right now

Since we are blessed with some great outdoor weather this weekend AND its Spring Break, we wanted to give you some new tracks that we are featuring on our channel and, well some that we aren’t…at least yet. 😉

“Eastside” – Benny Blanco, Halsey and Khalid
First up are two tracks from Benny Blanco’s album “Friends Keep Secrets”. Eastside is a very revealing video about Benny’s origins. It shows everything from where he grew up, the park he smoked weed in and the first girl he asked out. Love this video.

“I Can’t Get Enough” – Benny Blanco, Tainy, Selena Gomez and J Balvin
This next one is just a great song and features our very own superstar Spurs fan, Selena Gomez. This is also J Balvin’s first appearance on this list. We LOVE this song and it has hit written all over it.

“Going Bad” – Meek Mill feat. Drake
What happens when you two of the biggest names in hip hop? Well they make a smash of course, and they also get a who’s who from the hip hop world to be in their video. See how many cameos you can spot.

“Pure Water” – Mustard and Migos
Whenever you hear that “Mustard on the beat” at the beginning of any song…there is a certain expectation that you have. Amiright? This is no excpetion.

“Just Wanna Love You” – Chris Cab feat. J Balvin
Something new for you. Chris Cab hasn’t released a single in a bit, but we are glad to see him with J Balvin on this track. This one will definitely give you those Spring Break and Summer vibes.

“Thotiana” (Remix) – Blueface feat. Cardi B
It was said, “put Cardi on a remix of a song and it turns into a hit.” This may be no exception. This is the Cardi we all know and love. Especially when she drops lines like, “your breath smells like me and mimosas.”

“YUSO” – Kid Ink feat. Lil’ Wayne and Saweetie
What happens when you put peanut butter and jelly together? Or when you combine barbacoa and Big Red. Same results here, just in song form with Kid Ink and Weezy.

Con Calma – Daddy Yankee and Snow
We have to say here that we are a little biased here. We love Yankee. So had to include this one. Double points for you if you remember the title of the song the original melody came from.

“Nights Like This” – Kehlani and Ty Dolla $ign
Kehlani is definitely on the come up here. She’s also about to give birth. Talk about a woman doing it all. Recording a song, shooting a video and releasing all of that while almost 9 months and expecting a baby girl.

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