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Alessia Cara Says The Pandemic Made Her Anxiety Worse

It’s been six years since Alessia Cara splashed on the scene with her song, “Here,” now the Canadian singer is working on her third album. In a video chat with NME, she reveals the hardships she faced since her breakout hit, the pressure she felt to speak on behalf of introverts, and the anxiety she “pushed down” due to her hectic work schedule.

Alessia admits the pandemic made her anxiety worse, “Suddenly the world stopped and all of those things that I’d been pushing down just completely boiled over and I was getting panic attacks every single day for hours and hours on end,” says Cara.

Alessia’s insomnia also affected her anxiety, but with therapy, meditation, and listening to white noise she’s been able to manage both her anxiety and insomnia.

A writing session brought Alessia to a full-circle moment. She found a connection with another artist who suffered hardships while writing in the same studio where Amy Whinehouse wrote, she described the moment as “visceral.”

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