REVIEW: A$AP Rocky rolls through San Antonio, creates Huge Mosh pit at the Freeman

(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

The Injured Generation tour rolled through San Antonio over the weekend. A$AP Rocky always puts on a show. Let’s get this right, it was a “show”. A place for people to be themselves. Free to express their happiness, and show genuine love and admiration for an artist and their music that they connected with. Rocky encouraged it. Even though at most rap shows, the rappers have a ton of energy. Rocky, who is now 22 days sober, had no problem amping the ENERGY way past 10.

A$AP Rocky, who let’s be clear did nothing wrong, did stoke the audience as performers and showmen do. “San Antonio, what the f*** is up!?,” said Rocky. Then midway through the show, the sound system began with the sounds of “Gunz N Butter,” in which the rapper then came down from high atop the Freeman.

There is a detailed account of a “mosh pit incident,” and to summarize the report, “Rocky called for the fans in their paid seats to unify with those in the lower ground level general admission area to join together for a large mosh-pit.” Now we have seen the video in question, everyone from the upper sections came down to the general admission floor to enjoy music together. You can see that it would make some nervous. Especially the ones who played it safe and stayed in their seats.

As far as we can tell, since we were at the show, no one was actually hurt. It was just a bunch of kids, having a good time, maybe even being a little rebellious. At least here in San Antonio, youth is not wasted on the young and guess what, the “Kids Turned Out Fine.”



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