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Britney Spears And Sister Escalate Their Feud

Jamie Lynne Spears and Britney Spears’ feud is escalating. The younger Spears sister appeared to edit an Instagram post about Britney a week after Britney’s damning testimony saying she should sue her whole family due to their silence while she struggled under the conservatorship.

Britney has gone on record calling out Jamie for performing remixes to her songs at an award show and posted a meme directed at Jamie which read: “Take Me As I Am or Kiss My Ass, Eat Sh_t and Step on Legos.”

Jamie responded wishing Britney “peace with the Lord,” she later deleted the post leaving only a peace sign and heart emoji.

After a back and forth about a condo that Britney says she purchased prior to the conservatorship, Jamie denied Britney purchased a condo for her, even after fans pointed out she had mentioned the condo in past posts, Lynne altered several posts about the condo and one where he husband is seen going through Britney’s Instagram feed.

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