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Armpit Surprise : Mission Accomplished-Ish

Jose and Alexis are all tied up 1-1 going into today's challenge "Armpit Surprise!"

Peel A Banana With Your Feet

Our Morning Show Just Keeps Getting Weirder And Weirded

Whats On Your Mind – July 22

Brooke Is Seriously Wondering If The 5-Second Rule Still Applies In This Day And Age

Jose Challenged The Intern To A Hot Wing Eating Contest

Jose. Alexis. 50 Wings. Two Minutes. Chaos. Controversy?

What’s On Your Mind On July 1

You Want To Know Whats Running Through Our Head… Jeff Has A Definitive Ranking Of The Most…

What’s On Your Mind – June 17

We Want To Let You Know What's Going On In Our Crazy Minds

Brooke’s Olympic-Sized Birthday Surprise

We Decided To Rewind The Clock For Brooke's 40th Birthday

Brooke’s Hair Dilemma

Whats On Your Mind On For June 10

Brooke and Jeffrey Need A Jingle

We Need Your Help Choosing A Winner!

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