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Song Of The Week

“Tools & Ladder”

If you’re out on the job site, regardless of the weather, this song is for you! Instead…

“Brilliantly Betty”

99 years and still gone too soon, this song is for Betty White. Instead of Lil Nas…

“Small Hands”

Santa gets all the credit, while the Elves do all the work. Instead of Niall Horan’s “Slow…

“How Does Your Sleigh Go?” Doja Cat Parody

What would it be like along for the ride on Santa’s sleigh for just one Christmas? Instead…

“Modern Christmas Carol Remix 2021”

It’s time those old Christmas Carols got an update. Enjoy Young Jeffrey’s Modern Christmas Carol Remix!

Appetite (BTS Parody)

It’s not just the Holiday Season… it’s EATING SEASON. So get your utensils ready and your feasting…

Cuffin’ (Maneskin Parody)

When the weather gets colder, and the singles get lonelier, CUFFING SEASON sweeps across the country. Instead…

Truck Driver – (Post Malone Parody)

Instead of Post Malone's "Sunflower" it's Young Jeffrey's "Truck Driver!"

Scary Like – (Walker Hayes Parody)

Halloween is back bay bay!

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