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Song Of The Week

Clicking So Softly

Happy Birthday Internet! The World Wide Web is 30 years old this weekend and we’re […]

Yelpin’ Yelpin’

Thanks to Young Jeffrey we’ve been Yelpin’ Yelpin’ all day long and we give this […]

Wear The Same Clothes

Get your S’mores ready! Because it’s always “Glamping” when Young Jeffery gets in touch with […]

Let Them Glove You

Let the Love Doctor, Young Jeffrey, M.D., heal your aches and pains with “Let Them […]

Go For The Cheese

We all know it and love it, but have we ever fully praised Cheese the […]

I Knew You Were Muggle

It’s been 20 years since the first magical installment of the Harry Potter franchise hit […]

Daddy, Can I?

Young Jeffrey feels like we’re not showing enough love for the Dads of the world! […]

Grad’s Plan

It can be so exciting once you graduate college and get out into the “REAL […]