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Song Of The Week

I’m A Peep (Radiohead Parody)

With Easter just a few days away, Young Jeffrey has decided to sing a song about the…

Guy With The Tiger (Survivor Parody)

Whether You’re Team Joe Or Team Carole, You’re Gonna Want To Get Your Paws On This Song

Bad Little People (Ed Sheeran Parody)

Young Jeffrey's New Song Gives A Shoutout To All The Parents Who've Now Become Teachers

Flawed Plan – (Drake Parody)

Instead Of Drake's "God's Plan", Young Jeffrey Puts Out Another PSA With "Flawed Plan"

Snack Junkie (Tones & I Parody)

Young Jeffrey Gives A Nod To Those Sneaky Girl Scouts

Pretty Stye On Her Right Eye (OffSpring Parody)

This Song of the Week Goes Out To Our Very Own Brooke Fox

“Thinking Bout My Ex” (Bruno Mars Parody)

If You're Recently Single This Valentines Day… Then Young Jeffrey Is Dedicating This Song To You!

Oprah (Kanye West Parody)

Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week Is Dedicated To Oprah

Claw Claw Slide (Cha Cha Slide Parody)

Young Jeffrey Honors Groundhog Day With The Claw Claw Slide

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