Charlie Puth talks Backstreet Boys, selling out Greek Theatre, and More! #TCR

Charlie Puth talked with Tino backstage at his stop in Phoenix and the two even made a song together! It’s not good but it’s still cool! Lol! They also talk Charlie’s “Drop the Mic” appearance, NWA, and more! #TinoCochinoRadio



Juvenile Sits Down W/ Tino Cochino Radio #TCR Grammy winner H.E.R. gives Tino relationship advice MAX delivers a voiceless interview with Tino Cochino Radio! Lil Duval Reads Personal Clap Backs #TCR Alessia Cara talks tattoos, being a role model, and her biggest insecurity #TCR “No Prenup” (No Brainer Parody) #TinoCochinoRadio