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Chris Brown Gets Plea Deal In Pet Monkey Case

Chris Brown’s lawyer was in court on Wednesday (December 4) to defend the singer in his 2017 monkey ownership case. The judge ruled that Chris couldn’t own a monkey for the next six months and he’ll have to pay $35,000 to the monkey retreat where his former pet now lives, if he complies, all charges will be dropped after June 6th.

Chris claimed that the Capuchin monkey that was featured on his Instagram page being held by his daughter, Royalty, was owned by a family member in Las Vegas.

People freaked out seeing Royalty holding the monkey and feared that she was in danger being around the wild animal.

The Los Angeles city attorney charged Chris with 2 counts of having a restricted species without a permit. After June 6th, Chris can again own a monkey but it must be one that is non-restricted and has all its papers.

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