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Peaceful End to Protest At Alamo Plaza With Some Damage to Property

UPDATE: 9:37 am – After the damage caused last night by a few bad actors who did not have anything to the protests, the city of San Antonio is coming together this morning to clean up the city’s downtown area that was damaged. Thank you to Antonio Lee and the rest of the volunteers for coming together to help our city. With over 500 people helping and donating supplies it just shows the love and the power of our beautiful city and its people. Live video here.

UPDATE: 9:24 pm – Live feed from News 4. Both protests have dispersed ending peacefully. Now it seems as though there are some stragglers causing some damage to buildings but as the police arrived they fled the scene.

UPDATE: 8:35 pm – Live feed from the Alamo as both groups continue to protest/protect peacefully. There have been some exchanges that have gotten heated, but cooler heads prevail. In a couple of cases, protesters and protectors try to convince each other that they are both fighting the same fight.

UPDATE: 7:37 pm – The march has been on the move to Alamo Plaza and was met by a wall of police. There is a much larger police force at the plaza given the “Protect the Alamo” counterprotesters. Looks like the SAPD has things under control. So far no arrests have been made.

UPDATE: 6:40 pm – March arrives back at Travis Park to continue the vigil.

UPDATE: 6:25 pm March begins to move away from SAPD HQ, along Santa Rosa.

UPDATE 6:10pm he March has arrived safely at SAPD Headquarters. PROFANITY WARNING

“This is a rally against discrimination and hate,” said one San Antonio citizen. People that are gathering at Travis Park are uniting in solidarity to protest racism and discrimination at the hands of police and other individuals.

Currently, the march is headed towards police headquarters in downtown. Police have provided a safe route from Travis Park to the headquarters steering clear of the Alamo.

In the video below, at Alamo Plaza, you can hear fellow San Antonio citizens exclaiming that “peaceful protests do not need to include weapons”.

As the story develops this will be updated.

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