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Demi Lovato Drops Music Video Pointed At Donald Trump

Demi Lovato performed her new song Commander in Chief at the Billboard Awards Wednesday night.

The song is aimed directly at the President. An edited version of the performance aired Wednesday night.

Demi’s vision for how the performance was to air was the word VOTE was to be displayed on stage in big letters.

NBC edited it out because they said the track is heavily critical of the President and felt the display called for people to vote against him.

Seated behind a piano, Lovato sang the power ballad that directly criticized Donald Trump’s leadership over the last 4 years, specifically singing about children in camps, racial tensions, and climate change.

Following her performance, Lovato officially dropped the music video on YouTube. Her visuals featured people from all walks of life singing her lyrics, including a Muslim man, a young Black child, a LBGTQ person and a woman using a wheelchair.

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