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Did Drake Call The Mother Of His Son A “Fluke”

Fans weren’t pleased with Drake’s new song “When To Say When” after he called the mother of his one-year-old song, Adonis, a “fluke.”

“Baby mama fluke, but I love her for who she is,” is the lyric that has fans calling Drake things like “a hoe,” “a fluke” as well and “POS,” or “piece of s_t.”

Some fans came to Drake’s defensive calling out others who may be in similar situatons as Drake and Sophie Brussaux, “Drake said his Baby Mama a fluke & y’all mad Lol I’m sure he can call her whatever he wants she still smiling & flossing to the bank every month,” said one fan.

Drake and Sophie seem to have a cordal relationship, she’s been seen in Toronto several times over the past few months and they haven’t ever said anything negative about each other in public until now.

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