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Energize Your Voice – Everything You Need To Vote In Texas

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The early voting period in Texas for the November 2020 election is Oct. 13-30. Please utilize the early voting period! You will experience shorter wait times and person-to-person contact. Wear your mask, wear gloves, bring hand sanitizer, bring your own pen, keep your distance, and utilize curbside voting if eligible.

Where to vote: If you don’t know your polling location… click here.

ELECTION DAY is Nov. 3: If you are uneasy about voting by mail, then vote in person. But be safe! Wear your mask, wear gloves, bring hand sanitizer, bring your own pen, and make sure you adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Before you vote, make sure you are informed. This race is about more than just the Presidency, and generally the things that affect our community more are the state and local elections. In Texas the races are for:
Texas U.S. Senator
Texas Supreme Court Justice
3 Texas Supreme Court Justice Seats
Texas US Representative
Bexar County Sheriff
And More.

Check the candidates platforms first! Obviously, there’s more to voting than checking the box. Take some time to check out to compare your local candidates!

You Can Also Dial 1-844-TX-VOTES (1-844-898-6837) for any Voting Questions or Concerns.

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