Get Your Halftime Binge On Before The Super Bowl

There’s nothing like getting to see your favorite artists performing on one of the biggest stages there is with millions of eyes across the world tuned in. That’s exactly what the Super Bowl Halftime show brings every single year. But before you see Maroon 5, Travis Scott & Big Boi take the stage this Sunday in Atlanta, go back and binge watch some of the most iconic Halftime shows of all time. From Michael Jackson bringing “Billie Jean to the 50 yard line, to Prince laying it all out there in the pouring rain, to U2 bringing all of America to tears after 9/11, these are the moments you will remember for a lifetime.

Michael Jackson Performs @ SB 27

Paul McCartney Performs @ SB 39

Katy Perry Performs @ SB 49 with Missy Elliot & Lenny Kravitz

Cold Play Performs @ SB 50 with Bruno Mars & Beyonce



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