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Gwen’s Jealousy Of Kelly Clarkson Inspired New Album

Gwen Stefani is getting ready to “Reintroduce” herself to the masses thanks to Kelly Clarkson. The Voice judge appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show and detailed how she was inspired by Clarkson’s work.

“She was texting me all these amazing songs that she had written and I’m thinking how is she writing all of these songs. I’m like I have no time like I’m cooking, cleaning like taking care of all these kids, we were in Oklahoma for 100 days, that’s like three meals a day, laundry, we’re living in literally a cabin, we have a cabin there, like a small cabin, it was a lot of fun to pause and be there but I was missing music,” said Gwen.

Stefani will go back to her “Hollaback Girl” phase with “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” set to be released soon along with her fifth studio album.

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