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How To Prep Your Pet For 4th Of July Fireworks

According to the San Antonio Humane Society, 4th of July and New Years Eve is the day that most pets go missing! Dogs hate fireworks and will run off if left outside. The fireworks are a piercing sound to their ear. Take these steps to ensure your pet is safe and happy during the fireworks:

1. Keep your pets indoors. Fireworks can cause animals to panic and try to run away.

2. Give pets a safe spot in which to hide, whether it be a room or a crate.

3. Ambient noise can help mask the boom of the fireworks. Putting on a TV or TURN UP Energy 94.1 and we’ll keep the company. It helps drown out the fireworks.

4. Even if your animal seems to be OK with the noise from the fireworks, keep your pet away from lit fireworks. They can burn your pets if they’re curious and get too close.
Keep your pets away from unused fireworks, too: They can contain potentially toxic substances.

5. Calm them with an anxiety vest (I personally have one for my dog) or use CBD for pets.

6. Make sure your animals have their IDs and microchips up to date just in case they do get away.
Make sure you have a recent photo of your animal that you can you use for signs if your pet does escape.

7. If you’re going out, don’t leave your animals in the car. Car temperatures can heat up quickly and that heat can kill animals.

Happy 4th Doggo Pawrents!

This is Cheese btw. Cheese Louise.

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