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I Saw ‘US’ This Weekend & I’m Still Confused

So I’m usually not the type of person that runs out with the masses on opening weekend to see a blockbuster film. The last one I saw opening night was ’50 Shades Freed’ last Valentines Day and of course it was to be a good husband & make the wifey happy. Even though I’m not going to lie, The 50 Shades trilogy was actually really good and interesting and had enough nude scenes in it that any guy would appreciate. But other than that most of the time I’m a red box kind of guy. But this was different. Everyone has been ranting and raving about Jordan Peele’s new horror flick ‘US” and don’t get it twisted, ‘Get Out’ was not only phenomenal but eye opening in every way. So ya I was excited to see that he had a follow up to an already outstanding piece of cinema.

So I decided to go this past weekend, Opening Weekend, and see what all the noise was about and WOW!!! I ultimately didn’t know what I was going to see or watch or if I would even understand the concept but it was totally worth being stuffed into a packed theater to see this (It wasn’t that bad inside the theater. I went to Heubner Oaks where they have those brand new recliner seats in every theater with your own personal space carved out. It’s the only way to watch a movie now).

But now, just like the rest of America, I am left with so many questions needing answers. So what did I do. I did what every human being in 2019 does, I goggled the explanation. Below is some of the best explanation videos I could find to give you some kind of clarity and meaning behind what I’m sure is going to become a cult classic!!!

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