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If I Was Going To EVER Shave Off My Beard, I Would Let Ellen Do It

Ya my beard is pretty much my temple. No one touches it, I use oils to keep it healthy and looking good, hasn’t been shaven since I was 18 working at damn Sea World. Why you can’t have facial hair at a theme park job is beyond me. So now you know how important this body of hair means to my face. It’s the exact same for my favorite WR of all-time Julian Edelman, who just won his 3rd Super Bowl & was name Super Bowl MVP. He’s known for having one of the thickest beards in January in the entire league, catching the nickname “Yukon Cornelius”. You know the mountain guy from Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. I have no clue how Ellen managed to talk him into shaving off his beard or even how she ended being the one to do it. Ummmmmm, maybe I would let her if the price was right. Or maybe not, still undecided.

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