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Instacart Workers Are Going On A Massive Strike Next Week

While Instacart is looking to hire 300,000 personal shoppers, current workers are planning on a massive strike set for next week.

Instacart has been such a help for grocery shopping during coronavirus isolation.

However, shoppers are concerned about their own coronavirus safety and sick leave.

Shoppers will begin to refuse to accept orders starting on Monday, March 30 because they don’t feel they have the adequate protection and support needed to continue with their jobs.

According to Instacart’s current policy, which ends April 8, if a worker tests positive for the coronavirus, they are offered up to two weeks of paid sick leave.

In order to prevent the strike, workers want an additional $5 per order for hazard pay, disinfectant wipes, free hand sanitizer, soap and expanded paid sick leave to include workers with preexisting conditions who have been told to stay home by their doctors.

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