Japanese Chicanas! Culture Appropriation or Culture Appreciation?

Not long ago VICE came out with a mini documentary about the Chicano lifestyle in Japan. Now Rifenery29 are documenting the ladies in Japan living the Chola lifestyle. Totally surprised me but I wasn’t mad about it. I grew up in Miami and dressed all Chola! I rocked the mechanic suits, hoop earrings and even dropped my car! Low rider life! Sometimes the “Chola” in me still comes out when I’m putting together an outfit. After a while I got into the “Kawaii” lifestyle from Japan. This meant wearing Harajuku fashion along with everything Hello Kitty and Takashi Murakami. I too have embraced Japanese culture! Which brought me to the question, Is this Culture Appropriation or Culture Appreciation?

Check out some of the comments below and tell me what you think!

Penelope Stuart: As a Chicana I absolutely looove this. I don’t feel offended, I feel proud. I feel seen. I feel celebrated. White America does not celebrate us, so if Japanese people want to research and explore our culture, I invite them! As a Latina, an Indigina, and a study abroad student who sometimes wears the Moroccan clothing given to me by my Moroccan friends, I’m all about positive, genuine, respectful cultural exchange! The prison shirt needs to go, though!

Jenny Gonzalez: I remember growing up, I was always told not to dress like this because it would give me a bad rep or push me into a stereotype in which everyone would expect me to become a teen mom with multiple baby daddy’s. The fact that they’re actually just appreciating the style and the representation of strength makes me happy that they don’t see it the way I did when I was younger. The guy in the car shop even said he has RESPECT for the guys here in the states who do his kind of work is really refreshing

Melinda: As Chicana, I appreciate the love 💕 just don’t wear the prison costume.

Fabulous009: They’re all invited to the carne asada

Cloverfield: Yo I think we’re a little to strict with the idea of cultural appropriation thing. I genuinely think its more helpful than harmful. The part that gets bad is usually when a some large corporation tries to exploit a culture and profit off it’s identity with out that money going back into the community that created it. But individuals gettign inspired by other cultures eems nice

Ana Quijada: I am feeling conflicted bc I am Mexican where I from a chol@ is a gang member, no bueno. On the other hand, I grew up watching Sailor moon, Dragon Ball, Pokémon, Narutu, etc and I think if someday I go to Japan I would behave as the most stupid tourist 😂😂😂😂 🤷🏻‍♀️

Sarah Seo: holy crap, as an Asian person can I just say all you Hispanic people in the comments are like ACTUALLY SO SWEET and SO UNDERSTANDING like wtf, yasss on this positivity. You guys aren’t just being nice too, you guys are actually giving opinions and suggestions. YASSSS POSITIVITY



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