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Rihanna Tells Fan She Lost Her Album

Rihanna took to social media to troll the Rihanna Navy again about her high-anticipated album.

A fan wrote Rihanna on Instagram asking:

Another fan decided that maybe reverse psychology would sway Rihanna into giving a release date for new music, “DON’T DROP DAT ALBUM,” but it didn’t work as Rihanna replied, “Navy this who to blame right here look,” with a finger pointing to the fan’s comment.

Rihanna has toyed with her navy for about a year now, it’s been four years since her last album, Anti. In an interview with British Vogue Rihanna couldn’t say when she would drop her next album but she did say she was “aggressively working on new music” and doesn’t want the album to be themed. The “Work” singer says she’s “done it all and now can make anything she wants.”

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