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Lady Gaga Drops New Video Shot Completely On iPhone

Lady Gaga’s new video for “Stupid Love” is a futuristic fantasy where love is queen.

The video is all about tribes struggling to retain or remain in power. Ironically, the two tribes are represented by the colors blue and red (hmmm, I wonder). Toward the end of the video, music (aka Lady Gaga) bring the tribes together in a colorful dance scene.

“Stupid Love” is the first single from the A Star Is Born actress since her 2016 Joanne album. Gaga has yet to announce a date for her upcoming “L6” album, however, “Stupid Love” is sure to keep fans dancing until it’s arrival.

Gaga has more instore with an upcoming part in Ridley Scott’s new film about fashion house icon Guccio Gucci and the murder of his grandson, Maurizio, who was set to be Gucci’s heir. Gaga will play Maurizio’s wife, Patricia Reggiani.

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