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Students Nationwide Are Giving Their Thanks To Teachers

@vizzywapduring these tough times it’s important to show extra appreciation! #fyp #foryoupage #zoom #dontletthisflop #college #covid #professor #thankyou♬ original sound – James Blake

2020 has truly been a year of adjustment. We’ve all had to deal with changes in the workplace, the home environment and our social environment, but one of the biggest challenges has been school life.

Teachers new and old have had the challenge of creating a curriculum for online learning and executing it flawless as they navigate the new “Zoom” world.

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A popular trend that is emerging as the semester wraps up before the holidays is surprising the teacher or professor with messages of gratitude.

When the instructor logs on for class, all of the students’ cameras are off, but after a little bit of confusion, the students turn their cameras on at the same time and reveal hand-written notes of thanks and gratitude for their teachers.

@laurenherrle13surprised the sweetest teacher on our last day of class 🥺❤️ #HolidayCrafts #CancelTheNoise #UpTheBeat #fyp♬ original sound – lauren herrle

It shows how much effort these teachers are putting in during this difficult time that even a simple Thank You can go a really long way.

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