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Brooke and Jeffrey

Appetite – (BTS Parody)

Get your utensils ready and your feasting sweatpants on!

Cotton Ball – (Miley Cyrus Parody)

Instead of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" it's Young Jeffrey's "Cotton Ball"

Closure – (Chainsmokers Parody)

Election Day quickly turned into Election Week… Is it over now? Is it safe to come out…

Throw Some Sugar At Me – (Def Leppard Parody)

What's trick-or-treating gonna look like in 2020?

Brooke And Jeffrey Halloween Costume Reveal

It's time to show off our Halloween Costumes!

I’m Gonna Vote – (Lonely Island Parody)

With The Election Just Days Away, Young Jeffrey Wanted To Give You An Anthem To Take To…

Synergy – (Bebe Rexha Parody)

In Honor Of National Bosses Day, Young Jeffrey Wants To Send A Message To Our Boss

Sorry – (Justin Bieber Parody)

In celebration Canada's REAL Thanksgiving on Monday, Young Jeffrey Belts Out An Anthem

You Watched That Screaming Meeting (Movie Parody)

In Honor of Tuesday Nights Debacle Of The Presidential Debate, Young Jeffrey Gives Us His Best Performance…

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