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Brooke and Jeffrey

Peel A Banana With Your Feet

Our Morning Show Just Keeps Getting Weirder And Weirded

Don’t Film This – (MC Hammer Parody)

One of the biggest issues we are currently facing is the rise of the Karen’s! They are…

Whats On Your Mind – July 22

Brooke Is Seriously Wondering If The 5-Second Rule Still Applies In This Day And Age

Water Droplets Shouldn’t Fly (Harry Styles Parody)

Instead Of Harry Styles' "Watermelon Sugar", It's Young Jeffrey's "Water Droplets (Shouldn't Fly)"

Jose Challenged The Intern To A Hot Wing Eating Contest

Jose. Alexis. 50 Wings. Two Minutes. Chaos. Controversy?

Cancelling The Caterer (Sam Smith Parody)

Wedding Season Has Taken A Hit This Summer So Young Jeffrey Had To Acknowledge It

What’s On Your Mind On July 1

You Want To Know Whats Running Through Our Head… Jeff Has A Definitive Ranking Of The Most…

Clean As Hell (Lizzo Parody)

Washing Your Hands Has Never Looked So Cool

Dad To The Bone (Fathers Day Parody)

We Are All Struggling To Get Dad's A Gift This Year… So Show Him This As A…

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