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The Ending We All Truly Deserved

Being a super fan of ‘Game Of Thrones’, the books and the show, I feel like I actually took it pretty easy on how the final season turned out. Look it’s not like I wasn’t a little disappointed with how some of my favorite character arcs ended, I just think being such a big fan and so involved over the last 9 years that I was just happy for another season of GOT. But yes I do wish there was a lot more thought and development added into these last 2 seasons. Especially with how amazing the books are (If you haven’t read them yet I highly recommend spending your summer diving into all 5 books).

So many fans have created their own alternate endings on how they believe or wish the show would of ended and some have been pretty cool. But some have just made no sense at all and threw out everything that happened in the last 6 seasons (If were not counting the rushed season 7).

But this fan made ending by Whidden on the YouTube channel ThinkStory is easily the best one I’ve seen and makes the most sense. The Alternate Ending begins at the 4:43 mark!!!

And in case you get a little lost with Whidden narrating, Popculture.TV gives a scene by scene breakdown right HERE

No matter what, the show is over but the story isn’t. George RR. Martin still has 2 more books to come that will finish out the original GOT story that we know plus the first prequel has already began filming in Northern Ireland and is expected to premiere April 2020.

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