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Therapist Shares Tips On How To Feel Less Lonely During The Pandemic

While it’s hard not to feel more stressed and lonelier as social distancing and stay-at-home orders continue, Pop Sugar spoke to one therapist on how to best manage your emotions during the pandemic.

Therapist Jor-El Caraballo, who is the founder of Viva Wellness in Brooklyn, said rejecting emotions that may arise over a problem can “cause a lot of extra tension.”  Instead, Carabello says “try to come to a place of acceptance” and try to do the best that you can for the time being.”

A second tip for managing loneliness is taking advantage of the ways that you can communicate and socialize.  Use FaceTime or texting and try scheduling your calls and even adding themes to your conversations to feel more connected.  Carabello also suggests playing virtual games online with friends.

When you are alone, it’s okay to go on those Netflix-binges but Carabello recommends doing something to stimuate your brain, like completing a puzzle, learning a new skill, exercising or playing an online game.  Just try to do something that requires real mental energy.

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