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United for Justice: A Day Of Discussion Roundtable

United For Justice: A Day of Discussion is a day to address the pain from the racial tensions in our communities.

The Dana Cortez show is joined by Jackie Summers, a writer, entrepreneur, and public speaker, A.J. Ali, a filmmaker known for Walking While Black (2107), and Dr. Rain Warren Ph.D, who helped develop the Living SideBySide curriculum and has also travelled to over 100 countries to educate law enforcement entities in cultural competency and leadership.

The discussion included the question what is systemic racism and what are some radical solutions to police reform.

They spoke about the current climate of this country and where the boldness of racism comes from. The also spoke on what they would like to see change in the media and in the police forces.

The discussion continued to how do we expect people to continue to live with trauma and fear from the hands of the police and what advice should be given to help parents and children of all ethnicities deal with these emotions and feelings.

The discussion also asked the question what is the message Hispanics and Latin Americans who don’t feel their their oppression and racism is represented?

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